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Diamondback Stucco 

Specialized Design Details

In all of the above situations, we have the ability to add details above door treatments, window sills and along eaves to resemble a precast look at a fraction of the cost of real stone or precast surrounds. For example, in a 3-step process, Foam Shapes are chosen from a selection of designs.  Metal lath is then placed over the shape and a traditional base coat of stucco is applied over the lath. Finally a smooth finish coat of stucco is applied. In order to resemble the “grout joints” of the precast look, the finish coat of stucco is carved at intervals of several feet or whatever the design will allow. This process creates an illusion of grout joints holding the precast sections together. The surface can then be stained or painted by others for the desired finished look. Similarly, our teams bring a unique skill with Stucco Cutaways, manipulating  layers and creating the appearance of stucco breaking away from old adobe bricks. 

New Construction

Diamondback Stucco works with builders and their clients to apply traditional or synthetic stucco to exterior wall surfaces. During new construction, these surfaces may include framing, concrete, or CMU (concrete block). Creative results can also be achieved by choosing stucco for interior areas such as fireplaces, arches, and domed ceilings. During new construction, we consider such things as gapping the plywood to reduce cracking (see article in Stucco 101 section), proper window flashing, and proper treatment of parapet walls and exposed “pot shelves.” Throughout the process, we are available on site to insure our products are delivered as ordered and applied appropriately. 


Working with builders and homeowners to enhance properties can be a time to rethink old ways and present better options.  Changes can be made to update windows, examine areas of water intrusion (such as parapet roofs) causing water to leak in other areas. The Diamondback professionals are trained to spot these problem areas and recommend cost effective improvements. Outdated structures can be given a fresh application of stucco with an updated finish to add visual enhancement, durability, and r value. Stucco can be applied over many surfaces such as existing stucco, concrete, wood siding, and CMU (concrete block). Our craftsmen are trained to match and blend surface textures.  And finally, our customer service team is available to do both lath and stucco on smaller jobs and minor repairs. 


Urban sprawl has leeched commerce out of the urban core of Phoenix and other city centers. Cities, working together with local builders and non-profit organizations such as Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) are committed to redeveloping affordable housing. Diamondback Stucco has been a partner in the upgrade and subsequent stucco replacement of low income housing projects.  Likewise, we work with builders who focus on this type of work, bulldozing dilapidated homes and replacing lots with other housing options.

Our Services

We offer services in both residential and commercial construction. We apply stucco during new construction, match stucco textures during remodels, and apply updated finishes over older stucco. We aid in choosing Traditional Stucco vs. Synthetic Stucco as well as texture choices such as Sand, Smooth, Semi Smooth, Spanish Lace, Monterey and Modified Mission. By communicating and working alongside other trades to meet schedules and deadlines, we have earned loyalty with our clients and business partners.